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About Ong Lee Heng

Born in 1956 in Malaysia and now residing in Singapore, he has an affinity for art since young, and won several painting competitions in his younger years.

Currently, he is a retired engineer and has focused on Chinese brush painting for the past few years.

Although he practised engineering for the past 30 over years, he aspires to fulfil his dream as a painter. However, with his commitment in family and work, he has put his dream on hold till recent years.

His strong passion has driven him to be a self-taught painter, and has developed his own style of Chinese painting specializing in horses, shrimps, fish and bamboo. Being a straits Chinese in Malaysia, he has a strong interest in Chinese culture, in particular Chinese brush painting and calligraphy, which are close to his roots. Recently, he participated in several charity exhibitions and received very encouraging responses.

He hopes to promote the ancient and beautiful art of Chinese brush painting to the broader generation.


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